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Behind the scenes of Hamilton Fox


My names Samantha, I’m 32 and live in a little village in Nottingham. I have 3 children, Sadie-Mai 14, Junior-Braden 8 and my baby Fox 2! 

So here’s my story of how Hamilton Fox became a thing! 

Iv always worked full time from Sadie being a baby. Always wanting to work hard to have nice things. Junior came along and I went onto maternity for 6 months then straight back into work as a full time working mummy! Still wanting to give my children the BEST LIFE! I missed so many “FIRSTS” with Sadie and Junior and vowed that when Fox came along I wasn’t going to miss a thing! I had my full years maternity and more including holidays! I went back to work full time in June 2018! It was no longer for me! I missed my baby and he missed me! He hated nursery and I hated seeing him so upset! I got so down and depressed that after a few months I just couldn’t take no more! My work life balance wasn’t a balance it was hell! I decided to leave my sales job after 10 years service to go self employed doing the same thing but in my own time and when I wanted! But I just didn’t want to leave my baby! I was enjoying being a MUMMY and also getting to pick the older two up from school and spend time with them to! I really didn’t want to get into that deep depression again! 

All my family and friends always said to me that I was waisted! And that I was so talented and creative! From being really young I was always drawing or designing things! Even to designing dance costumes in the back of my maths and English book instead of actually doing maths and English! I always wanted to stand out and be different to! (Still do lol)...

January 2019 came and one night whilst watching Emmerdale it just clicked! I wanted to design prints for clothing and other items! I then got the credit card out and ordered EVERYTHING I needed to get me started! From then on Iv managed to put together a little portfolio which is growing so fast! 

I always get questioned on the name ‘Hamilton Fox’ and why I didn’t use the other children’s names!? Well that was easily answered! Fox was the push I needed, the push that made me realise I WAS wasted Doing sales and that I could use my talents in doing what I do now! 

I have never been happier than I am right now! Doing what I do best and still getting to be the best mummy to my 3 beautiful children and spend more time with them! 

Being a stay at home WORKING mummy is the best!

So that’s my story in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoy shopping the Hamilton Fox brand and I thank you all in advance for the support..xxxx